Centro Nacional de Información de Medicamentos (CIMED)

CIMED® is a Drug Information Center that promotes the use of medicines through objective and updated, technical and scientific information, porperly processed and evaluated.

This was recognized as such by Executive Decree No.29533-S, published in 2001; the decree defines CIMED® as the official technical information body for drugs in Costa Rica with permanent headquarters at the University of Costa Rica (Faculty of Pharmacy) and it is conceptualized as an operational unit that provides technical and scientific information on medicines.

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Laboratorio de Fitofarmacología y Tecnología Farmacéutica y Cosmética (LAFITEC)

This laboratory is dedicated to the research of natural products and performs toxic-pharmacological studies of substances of natural origin through different in vitro and in vivo tests; as well as phytochemical studies aimed at the search for new therapeutic alternatives.

It is important to note that Costa Rica has one of the richest biodiversity in the world, which constitutes a great potential for basic and applied research aimed at finding active principles that can contribute to human health.

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Laboratorio de Biofarmacia y Farmacocinética (LABIOFAR)

The Laboratorio de Biofarmacia y Farmacocinética (LABIOFAR) was created in 1985 to respond to the needs of the country regarding the new regulations for the registration of pharmaceutical products.
Its activity includes biopharmaceutical analysis and pharmacokinetic studies through basic and applied research projects or through research contracted by pharmaceutical companies both nationally and internationally. It also develops training for professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, health authority, academia and social security at the national level as a Central American.

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Laboratorio de Análisis y Asesoría Farmacéutica (LAYAFA)

The Laboratorio de Análisis y Asesoría Farmacéutica (LAYAFA®) is the oldest entity assigned to the  INIFAR, it has a long experience as a laboratory for the analysis of medicines. With almost thirty years LAYAFA has made a pioneering and outstanding work in the field of quality control of medicines, as well as advice to the pharmaceutical industry of Costa Rica since the beginning of this in the country, also highlighting the support in the work Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy for the training of future professionals.

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Mission and Vision


We are an university Institute dedicated to research, information and pharmaceutical advice at the national and international level, with highly trained staff committed to the quality of their work and the welfare of the population.


We will be recognized as the leading Institute in research, development and information in the national and international pharmaceutical field, with modern facilities, high technology, with the excellence of our human resources and the efficiency of our services in favor of health.

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