Laboratorio de Análisis y Asesoría Farmacéutica (LAYAFA)

The Laboratorio de Análisis y Asesoría Farmacéutica (LAYAFA®) is the oldest entity assigned to the  INIFAR, it has a long experience as a laboratory for the analysis of medicines. With almost thirty years LAYAFA has made a pioneering and outstanding work in the field of quality control of medicines, as well as advice to the pharmaceutical industry of Costa Rica since the beginning of this in the country, also highlighting the support in the work Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy for the training of future professionals.

More than 15 years ago, LAYAFA® contributes with the Ministry of Health in the task of guaranteeing the quality and safety of medicines that are registered and marketed under the Control Regulation State of Medicine.

Since 1997, LAYAFA® has been declared an Official Laboratory for Quality Control of Medicines by
Executive decree No.26727-S and in 2003 was granted recognition as National Official Laboratory of Costa Rica, within the process of establishing the Customs Union. LAYAFA® continues to be the technical and consultative support of government authorities in the negotiations of the Central American Technical Regulations arising from the Central American Customs Union process.

Since 2010, LAYAFA® has been accredited to the Costa Rican Accreditation Entity (ECA) in accordance with the INTE-ISO-IEC 17025: 2005  several tests of drug analysis and sampling, as a further way of guaranteeing to its clients that services offered are under a rigorous quality management system.

LAYAFA has developed analytical techniques related to all products or pharmaceutical forms: any type of pharmaceutical product, or pharmaceutical form: tablets, capsules, suppositories, ointments, creams, syrups, suspensions, injectables, eye drops.At LAYAFA tests are performed on the identification of related substances, dissolution, moisture, potency, impurity limits, described in the United States Pharmacopoeia or other official books or using the methods sent by interested laboratories.



Advice to the national and transnational industries for the assurance and control of the quality in the processes of the elaboration of the medicines.

Determination of potency, dissolution, uniformity of weight, uniformity of content, organoleptic tests and microbial limit, among others, to medicaments. Learn more about our Analytical Services at this link.


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Coordinator: Dra. Jeimy Blanco

Phone: 2511-8355
Fax: 2511-3426